Retrieve parts of JArray using Linq query

Hi All,

I had some doubt, any solutions would be highly appreciated

I have a JArray somenthing like : →
“[ {‘fileType’:‘Matched’,‘filePath’:‘C:\Shared\XX1’,‘fileName’:‘1234_Por_compensar.xlsx’},{‘fileType’:‘Threshold’,‘filePath’:‘C:\Shared\XX1’,‘fileName’:‘1001_Por_compensar_tolerancia.xlsx’}]”

I want a linq query that every time on firing results in the fetching up of the specific component like related to above string when i fire the Linq for 1st part of Jarray for key fileType i.e 'fileType':'Matched','filePath':'C:\\Shared\\XX1','fileName':'1234_Por_compensar.xlsx' it results me Matched and for the second 'fileType':'Threshold','filePath':'C:\\Shared\\XX1','fileName':'1001_Por_compensar_tolerancia.xlsx it results like Threshold.

@ppr buddy you can help here.


the request could be understood like:
return a string Array from above JSON Array with the array items value from its property: fileType

give a try on:

  • parse the string with deserialize JArray activity
  • assign activity:
    • left side: arrFileTypes - String()
    • right side: myJArray.Select(Function (x) x("fileType").toString).toArray

find starter help here:
JArray_SelectItemValues_ByItemObjectKey.xaml (5.3 KB)


Thanku !! @ppr , I will try this and let you know