Retrieve Output/Return value from Python Scope in UiPath




I am trying to use the newly added Python activities to automate a particular flow, but I’m facing issues in the “Get Python Object” Activity.

The python program returns a number or a string (say). The Python code is executed using the “Load Python” Activity inside the “Python Scope”.

One thing that we’ve noticed is that “Run Python” Activity cannot retrieve an Output but “Load Python” Activity can.

I’m passing the Output from “Load Python” Activity to “Get Python Object” Activity which would convert it to .Net format but the workflow seems to fail at this point.

Following is the screenshot of the same.


Also, the python program when executed via IDLE or PyCharm executes as expected and provides the required result. It doesn’t take any inputs and just prints/returns a message on the screen.

Any idea what causes this exception? Or how I might fix this?

Abdullah Nasir


The “Load Python Script” Activity gives OutArgument < PythonObject > as a result that can be stored in a variable. The variable was of type PythonObject.

I ran the variable through a message box with a dotToString and found this. (Refer Screenshot below)


I expected it to have the python-return-value stored in it, but is this ambigous behaviour, or am I doing something wrong?


Anny Updates ?