Retrieve Number of Images Embedded in Outlook Email Body

Hi UiPath Gurus,

I understand that using <Email_Item>.Attachments.Count returns the number of attachments in an OUTLOOK email.

However, if there are images embedded as part of the email body and not attachment (like the screenshot below), any idea how to return the number of images? (In this case, i want to get the number 2, since there are 2 embedded images in the email body)

Cheers mates!

Hi @robot_learner ,

Check if you are able to get the Embedded Images in HTML body of the Email.

We can Check the HTML content of the Mail in the below Way :


Where messages is a variable of type List(Of MailMessage)

Depending on this output we may be able to get the Number of Embedded images by using the Help of a Regex afterwards.