Retrieve email by their email adress and not the name


I’m trying to retrieve a email with the Outlook activity by UiPath, but my problem is that if I set the adress directly, I get no result, working only with the name that appear in the email.

The Email name that you see when you actually open OutLook is “Dog Owner”
The actual adress is: “

I would like to retrieve this email using “”, but that will give me 0 result, if I set “Dog Owner” in the filter “From”, then I get result.

Problem here is as “Dog Owner” is a name, it’s could be used by many email adress.

anyone had a similar problem?

*fake email used

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Hey @MaxyArthes,

You may get all the emails with or without a filter. And then just filter from the list of mails.

mails.Where(function(mail) mail.From.ToString.Equals("")).ToList

Cheers :+1: