Retrieve a word in a line using regex

Hi All,
I need to extract the word which is after ivf.This line may occur anywhere in the file.How can we do it

string:“The text is ivf road”
o/p road

Hi @ranjani,

Suppose this is your string

“The text is ivf road”
“The text is ivf bus”
“The text is ivf train”
“The text is ivf car”

Use the below regex

(?<=ivf )[A-Za-z]+

You can test it in


str = "The text is ivf road”

Try this way: str.substring(str.IndexOf("ivf ")+"ivf ".length)

@ranjani Check attached zip file (10.3 KB)

Thanks for the link and it worked

Thanks for the file .I had also used the same pattern

Thanks for the reply

Also i have one more o/p in below format

state =er-fd-tr-tr delay

i need text between = and space

desired o/p:er-fd-tr-tr
I used below regex which gives me o/p:=er-fd-tr-tr delay

Use the below regex



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Thank u so much

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