Retrieve a data from datatable

I have a data table with multiple rows. Need to retrieve the data by grouping based on Year and currency.

Input Data table

Expected output

Please suggest an idea to do this.

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Do u need data seperately in each file or in same ?

Thank you. I want the output data to be in different data table. So I can loop that data for further process. Or please suggest me any good idea. I have to take each line item to be processed

Each DataRow corresponds to one row in your database, and contains a collection of columns. You can set the datatable as a datasource to many elements. The simplest way to extract data from a DataTable when you have multiple data types (not just strings) is to use the Field extension method available in the System.

Hi for this

U can use filter Datatable activity and filter it Accordingly to the condition of year and rowno

could you please suggest any sample