Retrieve 8 digit alphanumeric from word application



I need to retrieve two 8 digit alphanumeric characters from a 8 page word file and it may be like 9988uuii or ff88773. I can use regex but does not know how to retrieve them from a word file. Could please anyone help me on this?


Hi Ula,

If you know regex then read the word file and copy to a string and apply your regex pattern on that string.



I am struggling to retrieve the exact information i need. I need two alpha numberic from the word file and i have pasted a pic how it looks actually


Hi @arivu96 could you please help me on this or any snippet to accomplish this activity?


Hi @Ula,

are you scarping the data from the image??


@arivu96 No. I copied the image from my word file and pasted it in the forum It is challenging for me to get those alphanumeric characters from the word file.



Hopefully I’ll make @harinathreddy.yn 's answer more clear to you.
You can read the document with Read Text activity (System/File/WordDocument/Read Text or App Integration/Word/Read Text). With the help of Log message you can check the output and find out the word’s position - for example it is in between two specific words. Splitting the output of Read Text, you can get the data.