Retried state due to "The message filter indicated that the application is busy" Error although it's not repeating the transaction

I am trying to insert some texts in Excel sheet in terms of each transaction ID in orchestrator Queue. I am having this following error while inserting data in excel sometimes. Out of 62 transaction ID, I got 6 errors like this. The id is in retried state by it is not retrying the faulty transaction as you can see from the picture.

P.S: My MaxRetry number in config file is 0 but orchestrator retry number is 3.

I have two questions:

  1. What does this error mean ? How to solve this issue?
  2. how to retry the faulty transaction.

Please, please help! It’s really urgent.

  1. The error means that at some step in your process, the element you were trying to click, type into, or otherwise identify was not visible to UiPath. This can be corrected by stepping through your code and finding out what’s causing the selector to not identify the element. You can fine tune this in the UiExporer window.

  2. The faulty transaction was likely already retried and failed each time, since you have Orchestrator set to retry the transaction 3 times. This is also based on the status of some of your transactions.