Retreive Data from Task Object updated in Orchestrator

Hi Experts !

  1. I am using the wait for Form Task Activity in a Flow.
  2. Once the Task is completed in Orchestrator - The Control is passed back to UIpath.
  3. The UpdatedTaskObj is a variable in uipath Studio that holds the response of the Orchestrator.
  4. Now I want to print the Response in Uipath studio - I am struggling with the Syntax.
  5. Below Screenshot show the Object Response - I want values - Mukesh and 123456 to be used in other workflow.

Please help with the Syntax / code to retrieve the Data from the Task Object. What would we write to get Data In string variables from this Object

@mukeshkala You can mark the arguments in ‘Create Form Task’ activity as ‘In/Out’ arguments.
After the ‘Wait for Form Task and Resume’ activity finishes, the variable associated with the in/out argument will be overwritten with the updated value.

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