Retake Orchestrator quiz *after* passing? (for learning purposes)

Is it possible to re-take the Orchestrator training quiz after passing?

I passed the quiz but I feel like I can get a better understanding of the Orchestrator course. I’ve found that retaking the quizzes in Level 1 helped me get a deeper understanding of the theories and concepts. Is retaking the quiz something I can do for the Level 2 Orchestrator training, similar to the Level 1 quizzes? I seem to be locked out.

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It is possible once you have passed a quiz, you can take again. But yes only if you have passed it

Hi @PrankurJoshi

Thanks for the response! I’m not able to access the Level 2 Orchestrator 2018.2 Training quiz after passing it. Is there a different Orchestrator quiz that you are using to retake the quiz?

Okay my bad, it is on the lesson level you can retake the quiz number of time but not the final quiz

Oh, that makes sense. Thanks @PrankurJoshi!

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