Retake certification exam

Iam not satisfying for my result.Iam scored only 33 out of 45 questions I want to attend the third attempt to got more marks in exam .

@C.Ayyanayagi As for as i know u can’t attend quiz again. Marks are not mentioned in certificate so don’t worry about marks, move on with workflow creation.

Thank you mam


Don’t worry about the marks… Actually you cannot retake the exam unless you have failed it completely. Since you have passed, don’t worry about the marks… Go ahead with the practical exam…

Good luck and all the best for the certification :slight_smile:


Ok any doubts can I ask you sir

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Hi @C.Ayyanayagi

Yes of course. Feel free to ask anything anytime…

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hai sir,

how to solve this issue it comes when i do the certification practice.


Your post seems to have a image of some sort… But I’m not seeing it… Did it upload successfully? I just see a blank area just before the


Hmm… did some searching and looks like many have come across this issue…

Go through the comments in those, and try their suggestions… something might get it to work…

ok, thank you for your guidance, i will revert you once if my error is not solved.

Thank you sir,
After reinstalled the uipath (Value does not fall within the expected range) error is resolved my ACME login and project is working well.