Resuming a Transaction on Retry

Hi, I have developed a process in which I resumed the transaction from where it failed in previous execution. It won’t start exactly from where it failed, but yes it can start from the module it failed in.

I followed below few steps:

  1. Created modules.
  2. Created a dictionary to track all the variables being used or have process related information.
  3. Created an architecture using state and state machines.
  4. Updated the progress of a transaction after every successful module completion
  5. Checked the retry number to infer if it is a retried transaction.

Please reach out to me if you’d like to know more about it in detail. I have written a Blog on medium where you can read detailed steps. I am unable to post external link here

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can you send me the link medium?

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How to contact you? can you please share the link here

I am unable to share the link here, it doesn’t allow me to paste external link. I will message you.

I am interested in knowing the details of its implementation.
Thank you.

Kindly check your message for same. I have shared the link for the post.

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Hi @Manan_Narang, Can you please share the link?