Below is the sample of my text file. I wanted the year from the professional Experience block only. Can someone give the regex that extracts the year from this one

Professional Experience

XXX Chennai, TN
Position: Market Research Executive Nov 2018 – Jun 2020

Extensive experience in market research and business planning.
Researched and identified market opportunities for product growth.
Market research analysis for target market including market trends,new technologies and products etc.
Lead generation.
Corporate profiling.
Competitor analysis.
Email marketing and digital marketing.
Sales campaign and cold calling.
Set up a meeting with clients and prospects companies.

YYY Chennai, TN
Position: Research Analyst Nov 2016 – Nov 2018

Collaborate with senior management in development and enhancement of knowledge and thought, methodologies & frameworks, and capability content.

Anna University * Scored: 6.74 (CGPA)
Chennai * Graduated in 2016

Class XII
Matric School * Scored: 72.00%
Chennai * Completed in 2012

Class X
State Board * Scored: 75.00%
Chennai * Completed in 2010

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Hello @Soundarya_L,

can you tell me the highlighted part of the text will remain the same or not?

Position: Market Research Executive Nov 2018 – Jun 2020

First thing i would do is to Split the text using the word Academics, then apply the Regex expression only to the first part. Use websites like to try expressions, as if you are interested in using those, you will be better off learning them :slight_smile:

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No…They are not fixed… Imagine you get 10 resumes… I don’t know which field will b stable… I wanted to extract the year from resume. But for now, say Professional Experience will be fixed…

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Will the Date format remain same?

No it varies.MM/YYYY; NOVEMBER/YYYY;MM-YYYY; These are the formats