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Hi Guys,

Im not good at all with Excel Staff.
Im checking some numbers on website if their are valid or not valid.
Then the result I need to write in Excel file in Column C (“valis number” or “invalid number”)
I have the problem only with this part with excel
Any suggestions?

Thank you

You can use the Write Cell activity for this. Simply specify the workbook path, the Worksheet you’ll be using, and the exact Cell you want to update.

Then just pass the string variable that contains either “valid number” or “invalid number” in the text property of the Write Cell activity

Thank you for your advise! Is not that simple

I have 2 workflows.
First, takes numbers from Excel and load to the queue
Second, takes numbers from the queue and check them one by one on the website. Based on the image which appear on the screen status is Valid or Notvalid
I store the boolen varaible validImage (true - status Valid, false - status InValid). Then I have the function IF
in Then i want to go to excel file and put in C column status Valid
In Else i want to go to excel file and put in C column status InValid
I may have 100numbers to check and to put the approperiate status in Excel.

I can provide workflow if its needed

so you have a datatable, with numbers and a column with valid / invalid ?
then you can just iterate through the table and use the datarow number as index in the sheet.
For each row, write cell: “C” + row.number.toString = row(“Valid”).toString

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A workflow would be helpful. That way we can just base our answers on how you’ve already structured it.

Done outside of transaction item loop
1). Create a data table variable with columns TransactionID, Value, and ValidNumber. This should be outside of the get transaction item loop. This could also be done as a separate excel file instead, in which case you’d put it inside the get transaction item loop.

Start your transaction item loop here:
2). Get transaction item from queue
3). Use website to determine if it is a valid transaction and save the result as a Boolean
4). If Boolean is True Then, Assign ValidNumber = “Valid”; Else, ValidNumber = “Not Valid”
5) Use the Add Data Row activity to add the row to a new data table. Properties should be Datarow = NewDataTable.Rows.Count and ArrayRow = {TransactionID, Value, ValidNumber}
6). Set transaction status = Succesful & loop back to #2

done outside of transaction item loop
7). Write NewDataTable built during steps 2-6 to a new excel file using write range activity. I put it in a new excel rather than updating the existing workbook because in my example I am not ensuring that the excel number and the data table index match