Result of writeline activity into a typeinto activity

Hello everybody,

I have a question

I make a write line with a formula ( (-14) .tostring (“dd-MM-yy”) the result of this is put in the outpanel (result is (today’s date minus 14 days) ) 02-10-2020) and this date 02-10-2020 I want to use in type into activity so that I can put in a date field in DE “01-01-2020…02-10-2020” so that We will search for everything with a date in between, so only the write line changes every day.

I don’t think I can make a variable out of this, right? Maybe I shouldn’t use a write line but something else?

You can do a Variable out of this, just use the Assign activity.

And, to type the result on a field just use the activity ‘Type into’ .

Thanks very much Lucas that was the solution.


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