Resubmission Requested for multiple times in academy


I submitted my assignment into the UiPath academy, It shows to resubmit the project. Even I resubmitted for multiple times and waited for long days, still I am facing the same issue. Kindly help me to complete my certification. Thanks in advance.

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I think there is some issue in workflow

Did u got the score ?

If issue is not resolved till now . can u contact uipath technical support for this? Did u got your score? Me too facing same issue on Certification…! Could you share the solution for this?

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I think @loginerror can help you in this case


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@Anbumozhi The best way to resolve the issue is to contact our Academy support team directly via this form:

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Thanks @loginerror


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Hi again,
I contacted Academy support team. They suggested me to visit the forum and asked to communicate with others to get the solution. Help me Please!..

Could you maybe say a bit more about the errors / messages that you are getting?

Is it about the 0/100 score? If so, have you tried having a look at the solved topics that mention this result?

Each topic from this list has a post marked as a solution to this score.

My issues had been solved. Thanks for your support

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