Restrictions of unattended robot from UiPath NEW license agreement?

As I know, UiPath will not sell Attended Robot alone anymore.
Robot always sell with OC online resource,so new Robot will be UnAttended Robot only.

In this case …
If I don’t want to use OC to manage my UnAttended robot,
can I use any other ways to make my robot start/run not under human supervision?
Is this forbidden from UiPath license agreement?

You may try using window’s task scheduler, please note this is completely out of the scope of this forum and UiPath support. I wasn’t able to a resource that says that you can’t but perhaps it needs a better read.

At this point I believe you may get the best route of action by evaluating your current infrastructure , volume, and time remaining on your current license. to decide if is more convenient to acquire a cloud plan or maybe even stick with community.

UiPath Licensing

About the Task Scheduler - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

Sorry that I forgot this forum is for Community version,
This really out of the scope…

Thanks for reply~