Restrict Managing Activities Packages via Governance

Hello UiPath Team,

a tiny question: Is it possible to restrict the managing of activities packages of the marketplace via the governance? The background is very easy: Not every RPA developer should have the ability to load any package from the marketplace. For security reasons, the packages must be checked and approved before they are used. I read the section Usage of Package Source in the Governance site, but unfortunately it is not apparent to me whether I have the possibility to restrict this.

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Hi @StefanSchnell

As more and more RPA processes that depend on many unofficial packages.
There is a growing need to limit and manage dependent packages.
I think this is a very necessary feature.
We now manage and limit them by means of internal documentation and review.
It would be better if software level restrictions could be implemented through configuration files, etc.

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Hello Siyang,
thank you very much for your response.
Could you tell a little bit more about your approach of your internal documentation and review, if it is possible, that would be great.
Thanks and best regards