Restrict data service entity access per folder

How can I restrict data service access based on modern folder permissions?

I’m mean, is there any possibility of linking a data service entity with a folder and only people who have access to this folder can see the data service entity?

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Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Thanks for sharing @Srini84, but I think my question goes beyond the link you sent!

Hi @Camila_Caldas

As of my knowledge, there is no direct way to restrict data service access based on modern folder permissions in UiPath

UiPath did not provide native integration between data service entities and folder permissions.


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Thanks @Nitya1

I found a solution for what I need! Basically I want to segregate access based on entities and I realize that is possible to create a role and specify for which entity this role applies. Then you just need to assign this role to a specific user or group.

I think this is a new possibility UiPath make available because last time I search for this was not there.


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