Restrict Cloud Portal Features for certain users


I want my group of end-users to be able to access and run ONLY the chosen App in Orchestrator.
I do not want any other settings to be visible. How can I set it up?

Thx for any suggestions.
Kind Regards,

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Hi @VanjaV ,

Have you given this a shot?

  1. Open your App in Edit mode
  2. Navigate to Manage access tab
  3. Select the group
  4. Assign the role


Hi, @AndyMenon

My group of end-users has access to App.

I want them to see only green options in Orchestrator:

How can I do that?

Kind Regards,

Hmmm. We can cut off access to Orchestrator by managing access right of users and/or groups.

I don’t want to give incorrect information as far the publicly accessible Automation Cloud is concerned.

Let’s see if @loginerror or @Pablito can guide us.

What is shown in the Cloud Portal menu is controlled by the Tenant Settings.

View as Org Admin after turning off most features.

Viewed as normal user that only has “Everyone” group.

As for the App access, this is done from

  • Apps > Edit > App Settings > Manage Access where you All all users or select specific Roles/Groups.
  • Apps > More Options > Share (This will also get you to the Manage Access screen)

As the warning indicates when assigning a role, also be sure to provide appropriate permissions to the Users/Roles for the Processes, Buckets, and other entities within Orchestrator.

Without the appropriate Roles/Permissions the user doesn’t see the App when viewing Apps.



As an alternative, you could share the direct URL to the app with the users, if they do not have the right permissions they would see the following screen. And if it did work, they would only have the App UI and not the Cloud Portal UI.


This may also be of interest to you

Hi @codemonkee

my question is actually how to limit the “Everyone” group.
I do not want the end-user to see Home, Orchestrator and Admin Icon / settings.
I want the end-user to get access only to Apps Icon settings.

Kind Regards,

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I understand the desire to only see the Apps tab, as far as I am aware that is currently not possible.

My alternate options are the only other ways that I can think of to limit access.

  • Share the Direct URL to the App (They wouldn’t see the Cloud Portal UI, and get an error if they did not have permissions to the App)
  • Package the App as a Desktop Client (You could get crafty and have an App that provides a portal to other apps)

Let me know if you’d like, I can move this topic over to the Feedback Category. You can also submit feedback through the Customer Portal, or if you are an Insider Portal if you are a member there.


Thank you very much. Yes, you can move it to Feedback Category.

The problem with sharing the direct URL is, the user still has to log in to account in order to run it.

Kind Regards,

Yes, but they would have to do this anyways whether you could restrict the tabs visible, direct URL or packaged in into a Client.

In my case, when I use a Direct App URL I am ether

  • Directed straight to the App UI because I already have an active session
  • Prompted to login (OAuth), and then directed to App UI.

Would seem like an okay(?) compromise as an alternative while you currently cannot restrict the visible Cloud Portal Tabs.

It’s been moved into Feedback. You and other users can not Vote on it at the top of the topic.

Hey @VanjaV

I saved your feedback in our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

In fact, I believe the need to separate the admin section has already been recognized by our Cloud team and some improvements in this regards are being worked on. I can’t be specific just yet, but these improvements should be brought in future versions.