Restrain or set allowed logging level from Orchestrator

Solution to restrain or set allowed loging level from orchestrator (host level) so it can apply over all tenants and all robots.

For example, our company don’t want verbose logs in production orchestrator. We have 100+ robots and users control them, so we can’t assure all of them are gonna set logging level at warning from robot tray.

A couple of thoughts that might help you @Juan_Felipe_Carvajal

  1. Are your Robots installed as a Service? If so they require Administration rights to modify the settings. If your users have Administration rights, it may be appropriate to restrict the Robot service and write access to the NLog.config with a domain policy and push out some default settings. Robot Logs

  2. Override the Logging level in Orchestrator using the Robot Settings (Logging Level and Allow Development Logging)

  3. Restrict what log levels are logged in the NLog configuration (Both on Robots and Orchestrator)

I guess this is done via the Edit Robot → Settings tab. In time we’ll add more options to be controled from orchestrator.