Restart/Rerun the process, if any exception occurs which leads to stoppage of the process automation

I have a csv file of around 2000 records, and for each record the process automates a Cerner application and scrapes the details of that particular record and save the scraped data in another csv file. So for the whole process automation to complete, it would need to run a workflow or sequence for 2000 times to fetch for all the records present in the csv file.
Each record is processed and automated and then it scraped the details required from the Cerner application.
For 2000 records, it may take a several hours to complete, and in between any issue with the application or the system occurs, the process automation stops throwing an Exception and the process automation stops.

For example, when I first start the process automation, say it runs for 250 records and then an Exception occurs and the process automation stops abruptly(which I don’t want, but if happens, let it be). The remaining 1750 records in the csv file has not been processed. And I want to achieve that the remaining 1750 records again goes into the process automation and scraping starts again, and so on again if the process stops after 250 records, the remaining 1500 records should goes into process automation automatically, without any manual intervention.

How can I Restart or ReRun the process automation for that remaining 1750 records without manually starting the process again, after removing those 250 records from the csv file, and complete the process automation for that whole csv file i.e., for the whole 2000 records?

Any help would be appreciated.

hi @YashBiswakarma

You can use Exception handling for this,
Refer the below course,

Also, understand how RE- Framework works, this helps you to handle your exceptions.

V Vasanth Kumar

my suggestions are

  1. using queue functionality , load data to queue and start processing so for each item it will mark as complete if completed and on any failures it will not be retriggered

2.without queue functionality - Keep one more columns as status in file so that initially it will filter and get not processed and while processing after each item you can update the status as completed , at any point of failure it will not pick the completed case

Hope this helps you


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