Restart of Studio/Robot installed machine via Orchestrator/Robot

Can we make the Robot restart the machine on which it is installed?

There is no inbuilt functionality to make the Robot restart the machine on which it is installed, however the same can be achieved by a work around as explained below.

Creating a batch script with the restart command and designing a workflow, to trigger the same would trigger off the restart process. Some of the common commands that can be triggered from the command prompt to trigger this and related functionality is as follows:

  • Type "shutdown /s" to Shutdown your computer;
  • Type "shutdown /r "to Restart your windows PC;
  • Type shutdown /l" to Log off your computer
Steps to create a batch file is as follows:
  1. Launch notepad
  2. Type in to the command to be executed
  3. Use "Save as" to save the file with a ".bat" extension
  4. Run the file by double clicking on it to test the execution of the batch file

One primary scenario would be to understand if triggering such a batch file from the Robot has any impact with the Robot's functionality, such as signing out after the job gets over, or any of the job's activities them self.