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Hello everyone,
I need your help for restart logic. my poc which contains around 13-14 complex steps related to excel activity. so i want individual status of steps and saved in an another excel if an any error occur in any of the step so how can i review it individually. please help me out .

Hi @vishal.sonnor

I think you can try to add a global handler workflow in your project.
It has four available options when any error occur in any of the step.
Break, Retry, Ignore and Continue.
If it is still not enough for your needs, you also can customize the global handler workflow.
Refer to the doc below.


if I understand you right, you want some kind of reporting about the success of your process in these 13-14 steps, correct?

Ideally you would be working with Orchestrator and the ReFramework and just put a status in the QueueItems. You could also build a DataTable in the beginning of your process and log the status of your steps in this DataTable along the way. Once you are finished with all transaction simply write the DataTable to an Excel file.

Cheers, Lukas

thanks and i was also thinking same . amd we are not using orchestrator

I need some help from your side that we make a excel in the beginning of my process then i want to update individual status and other information to that excel .but i am not able to start and thinks this process in the form of automation . we make a excel in which two sheets available detailed and master table that i am attached here so plz suggest me some thoughts from your side .i am also message you on slack so please help me out.

Book1.xlsx (12.5 KB)


use Excel activities from the Excel package or use generic workbook activities instead. In my experience the easiest way is to build a DataTable in your workflow and save it as a file when you are done.

I recommend you to learn automation basics in the UiPath academy. Also there are excellent tutorials, videos, forum threads etc. around to help with excel automation.

You don’t need me to do the work for you :wink:

Cheers, Lukas

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Another way instead of using excel for logging, is logging using ‘log message’ activity. Simply log the steps the robot takes.