REST APIを利用したアクティビティの時間ズレ

REST APIを利用したアクティビティで接続先(外部システム)の表示上は日本時刻表示となっている値をUiPathで取得した際に時刻が-9時間された値が取得されます。
REST APIを使用するとUTCになってしまうのを何とか回避したいのですが

Hi @h.yasuda

Try to add X-UserTimeZone in Header request

X-UserTimeZone: America/New_York

Change to desired TimeZone


Excuse me. Is it a form of adding it to the beginning of the variable? For example, is it something like this? X-UserTimeZone: America/New_York.variable

Hi @h.yasuda

Could you share some screenshot from the activities you are call servicenow api ?

Do you understand here?


Thank you for sharing

in Search ServiceNow Records Activity, you can add the following parameter


It will display the values based on the configuration in servicenow

You can also limited the retrieved fields using



Where do you go back to search at the table?
Do you have a table with the sysparm_display_value=true parameter set, and there are records for each setting?
Does it mean that if you update the record found by searching with the update activity and change the parameters, you can get the value to be retrieved in display_value?