Rest API

Hi Guys,

I am calling Orchestrator API from the external Application by giving input arguments. When the job will end it returned one output argument. How I can check what value I received in my output argument from External application. As the response of Start job is showing output argument = null.

@odata.context”: “$metadata#Jobs”,
“value”: [
“Key”: “735c02a2-cc52-442a-acd6-4c936de6b7”,
“StartTime”: null,
“EndTime”: null,
“State”: “Pending”,
“Source”: “Manual”,
“SourceType”: “Manual”,
“BatchExecutionKey”: “f98c4c-b27c-4380-a384-ce40b62a01”,
“Info”: null,
“CreationTime”: “2019-04-23T14:41:41.46065Z”,
“StartingScheduleId”: null,
“ReleaseName”: “Bizagi_integration_t_environment”,
“Type”: “Unattended”,
“InputArguments”: “{"CashIn":"10","OnUsCheck":"20","NotOnUSCheck":"30"}”,
OutputArguments”: null,
“HostMachineName”: null,
“HasMediaRecorded”: false,
“Id”: 78708

Do i need to call another API to see the resulted value in output argument?

Hi, you have to take the jobID which is returned after your startJob; So with the JobID you can do a Get Request filtering the Job ID and select only OutputArguments

Hello, can you tell me more about it?So what’s the URL? What’s the request?