Rest API with Oauth2 implicit grant type

Hi to you all,

Is there a way to implement a http request with Oauth 2.0 implicit grant type?

If anyone could help me…

Many tnks in advance.

i guess will depend on how you get authenticated and how you want to send the requests after…

I see,

I’m not sure about that. It is an API that I am trying to consume, but without any documentation about it and I am not sure on how to procede. We are still asking the provider for more information, but it is taking too long.

All I have been able to do so far is to implement it in insomnia using an authorization and a redirect URL and using the refresh token button to retrieve a token.

When I update the token, it opens a browser and requests authentication. I use a username / password that I have and it fills in a new token.

I hope this description was helpful.

tnks again