Rest API using postman and Exchange web services for outlook

  1. Check the ‘only read outlook mails’
    I need to check the ‘only read outlook mails’ check the subject , body attachments and attachment text .
    Search the number there if matches save the attachments , save it and attach in the URL/Web app .
  2. API in Uipath , using postman
    I need to get put and post in postman , output in JSON format
    check the fields in the URL check the condition and update the field
    for eg check the incident no check if for the last updated response then update the incident status
    If you understand the rest api concept with uipath and Exchange web services integration to work in outlook with uipath . then you may guide

search the number 5674321 in the emails (number are stored in datatable)
from the results apply the for read and unread emails
for only read emails(should not include unread emails) : get attachment name , text , email body , email subject or other details we cannot do this using get mail message as far i knw as it has properties for “only Unread Mails”-- store emails details(metadata in datatable)
for unread emails : update in the field in web app using rest api