REST Api uri/endpoint for UiPath Cloud Automation Hub for user account management

Hello, I am writing a PowerShell script to query, update and add users to the UiPath Cloud Automation Hub. I am using the REST Api. I want to know the uri string that I can use for my REST uri/endpoint. Can someone point me to the documentation that can help me to compose the uri that I can use?

Thank you.


Hi @clu, welcome to the Community.

The following resource might help you with this requirement:

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Thank you for the information. I tried to use the uri as shown below, but it seems to work fine at first, but later it failed to return data with Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet. The query from this uri is not reliable for some reason. I used the GET method.


Hi Arjun,

I was able to pull the user list from Automation Hub, but the return value from the query was an array of users in the PowerShell object data type. Although I can enumerate the array to search for a particular user, it will take some time which is not what I want.

Do you know if there is any reference for the uri string to search for a single user based on an email address something similar to the follow?$filter=contains(user_email,‘’)