REST API Request | Endpoint and segments

Hi All,

Querying Elastic search DB thru rest api.
I am sending rest api request via, postman getting the results correctly.
While trying to achieve same thru UiPath Http request I am missing some configuration while calling it from.
I have end point, and segments to point and need help here.

Should i put full url in Endpoint?


You are sending the request as “GET” in postman, but sending it as “POST” in uipath http. Can you change that and try? and give the entire URL which you are using in postman …

Hi Hareesh,

Yes it’s get, only.
ignore screen shot post… argument.

Can you explain in details, how are you trying to post the request in postman and in uipath?

Better if we have screenshots for both … @roma.sodha

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For now, I am only using GET to extract logs from Elastic Search using Rest API.
Here are the arguments I am passing…


I am validating the response received, from uipath vs same query executed with Postman.

The result is all match all with uipath, while with postman it returns expected result.