Resources panel improvements and Config file integration


I have a few suggestions to improve the use cases for the resources panel in Studio

Improve Drag and Drop:

The current behaviour for “drag items from the list and drop them on a sequence” is to attempt to create a new activity. Suggested improvements:

  • In the case of an asset, dynamically check if it’s an asset or credential and then only offer the options Get/Set Asset instead of all four (Asset+Credential).
  • If possible, automatically activate the activity and focus the cursor to the “output value” field in the newly added activity to quickly assign the value to an existing variable or create a new one
  • Dragging with a modifier key active (one of Ctrl, Shift, or Alt) should make it so only the name is dragged - that is, drag the name onto a field on another activity (for example, Assign or Log Message)

Integrate Config.xlsx

The “Config.xlsx” file is a standard for the REFramework. I find myself having to constantly open the file with excel just to check the exact text I should use when I retrieve the value from the config variable. Why not integrate it in another section on the Resources panel?

When “Resources” are refreshed, Studio would also check the Config file and populate this extra section.

As for which Config file it would check, it could find the value of “in_ConfigFile” on the Invoke Worflow for InitAllSettings inside the REFramework Main.xaml (with the default being Data\Config.xlsx)

Drag-and-drop for this would populate the field that is being dragged into with in_Config(“value”).ToString (or alternatively, if it’s the Main.xaml it would fill it with Config(“value”) but I can see that being more complicated to implement)

Preview values for Assets (and config?)

The assets (and the new suggested “Config”) sections could have an extra column either showing the value (at time of refresh, only for assets and not for credentials) or the description of that asset/config. This would be read only, editing those values would still happen in excel/orchestrator

Thank you for your suggestions @jorge42caravaca1

Our Studio team will consider them in future releases.