Resolving URL Selectors in LexisNexis

Good evening UiPath forum,

I am a PhD student doing research in LexisNexis through my University. The search results clearly display a list of articles which includes a URL. The URL that initially displays doesn’t reflect the subsequent URL that you go to rather it displays a reference to the ~10 results that show one page at a time.

I want to build a table that lists the URLs that meet my search results. Then I want to iterate through those URLs to pull the content of the articles. When doing a table extraction on the search results table, I get the same URL repeated (which references the search criteria) rather than a list of the detail URLs I want to subsequently iterate through.

MY QUESTIONS: Has anyone else worked with LexisNexis? Has anyone else tried to read results and work with the displayed URLs in LexisNexis? Has anyone else encountered a similar problem with a different search engine? If there’s anyone out there with experience in this system or similar, I would appreciate your input. Most appreciated.

Hi @angie.r.garvey

I haven’t worked on that , but I think you are trying to avoid the scenario when clicking one url will open list of other url for reference in one page which would have same url you have clicked right ?

Kindly let me know