[RESOLVED] Move Exchange Mail Message (Shared Mailbox)

Update 20181023

Issue resolved by utilising the prerelease mail activity as outlined by @loginerror below. Likely to be rolled into the stable release in near future. If issue occurs for you, try the latest prerelease package.

Scenario: Moving from shared mailbox Inbox to shared mailbox Inbox\Subfolder isn’t working as expected.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Get Exchange Mail Message to get list of emails
  • Perform various operations
  • Move Exchange Mail Message to shared mailbox Inbox\Subfolder

Current Behavior:

Emails are correctly gathered from shared mailbox Inbox but being moved to my Inbox rather than shared mailbox Inbox\Subfolder without any errors showing up in output.

Expected Behavior:

Email moved to targeted shared mailbox subfolder

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:

Last stable behavior: NA - Hasn’t worked for me and forum indicates several other users experiencing the same behaviour.
Last stable version: Still in development on Studio - 2018.3.0 Stable
OS Version:
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc): Windows 10 1607 and Windows 10 1803, .Net Framework 4.7.2

Hi @JeffSAW

The issue is known and the fix might even already be included in alpha/beta pre-release packages. Could you test it with Mail package updated to the newest available version?

Make sure to tick this box to see all versions:


Had same issue, installed Mail.Activities 1.2.6863.29868 with the Move Exchange Shared Folder option and worked like a charm.


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Hi @loginerror

Apologies but I haven’t been able to test due to changes made with the workflow. I now provide the shared mailbox’s credentials direct to the activity so It’s not performing the action on a “shared” mailbox.

However @tmays did successfully test the prerelease activity below. I’d say this issue is resolved.

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