Resolved Issue: New customer signup failures

During the past week, we had an issue where new customers signing up to the UiPath Automation Cloud could end up with a non-working account. The issue is now fixed for all new signups as well any customers that had tried to sign up earlier this week.

More details:
Some customers signing up to the UiPath Automation Cloud earlier this week ended up with accounts that were missing the default tenant that gets created for new accounts. Consequently, these customers did not have access to the default cloud orchestrator service which was needed to properly use and evaluate the UiPath products. As a workaround, customers could go and create the default tenants themselves. However, as new customers, many were not able to do that.
Today, we issued a fix for this issue that provides a mitigation for new and existing customers:

  • New customer signups now create a default tenant with a default orchestrator service as expected.
  • Existing customers that signed up earlier this week and experienced the missing tenant now have their accounts properly configured with a default tenant.

Recommended action:
If you are a customer who tried to signup to the UiPath Automation Cloud earlier this week and had trouble using the product because of an incomplete signup, please try signing in again at Your account should be properly configured now.


is it trouble?
i tried to check my license. when i clicked admin (button of left) , the web browser changed white. it’s repeat now. i want technical issue enquery , but i can’t. because i don’t know lisence number. i can’t see that. i can i do?

Hi, I just signed up today and I don’t have the default tenant. Can you help me?