Resolution setting is done in Orchestrator Robot setting but depth is changing which cause scrape error

Hello All,

As I have developed process in citrix environment and using OCR methods to read COBOL application’s text.
As suggested by UiPath technical team I have done robot resolution setting on orchestrator.
When bot failed with exception and taken screenshot it has resolution Depth 24 but In setting I have out it 32.
Does anyone of you know this already ?
Please guide if someone faced this and resolved the same.

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Hey @sangram,

I have also done few use cases in citrix automation and resolution creates many problems there.

I would suggest you to set the exact resolution settings in the orchestrator which the robot machine is having to avoid the issues like that.

hey @amarasto,

Thank you for your reply.
That has been already done.
One more workaround working for me that I would like to highlight here.

  • If you are working with vdi (virtual machine) then instead of disconnecting vdi use ‘sigh out’ and then bot will create his own sign in at the time of execution and ends the same after execution.

Above works for me.