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Hello, one of my collegue reffered me to you for a question, I’m having a issue with Uipath Image Activity. I’m using Uipath on a windows server that have a 1920 x 1080 resolution, same as the monitor I use, but when I try to use ‘grab from screen’ on a image activity, UiPath resize the screen to a smaller resolution (the 1 of my laptop screen) so I can’t use the activity in my code. Did you ever see a problem like that before?


Hi @MaxyArthes

What do you mean by “UiPath resizes the screen”? Does the resolution of the screen changes the moment you click Indicate Element for your image activity?

Yes exactly! It’s resize when I click ‘grab from screen’ on a image activity


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August 29

What do you mean by “UiPath resizes the screen”? Does the resolution of the screen changes the moment you click Indicate Element for your image activity?

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Strange. What is your Studio version and the versions of activity packages?
You could try updating the packages, mainly the UiPath.UiAutomation first to see if it fixes the issue.

Installing UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.4.2.

studio version: 2019.4.3 Entreprise Edition

The problem occur only when I do it using UiPath in a remote desktop session to a Windows Server 2016. If I open UiPath directly on my laptop, switch it to my bigger screen, there won’t be any problem.

Could I make this private message a public topic? It would help me share it with the team and in case someone else has run into the same issue.

Yah sure! Anything that can get me a solution faster is welcome haha

Done, everyone will be able to see the topic now :slight_smile:

Could you still explain a bit what the scenario looks like?

As I understand, you have Studio installed on the remote machine. You would then connect to this machine and try to select an element within that remote machine, correct?

Now, do you have your RDP connection in a full-screen mode on one monitor (the one 1920x1080) while working in a two-monitor setup? And then what happens is, the resolution of the remote machine changes the moment you try to select an element on that machine to the resolution of your secondary screen?

I hope I got it right this time :smiley:

Yes, but I’m not sure if it actually switch to the resolution of my main screen, as I tried to actually disable my laptop screen to have only my second monitor (1920 x 1080) and its still resized every time I used ‘grab from screen’ from click image activity.

As below:

Found 2 others thread about this issue, that didn’t get any proper answer, if this can help to find a solution:

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Thus, before you start capturing an image, the app covers entire screen and shrinks to this view upon capturing?

What would happen if you try to capture it from your laptop screen?

no problem from my laptop screen, but I need to use a scaling of 125% on my laptop screen (as its not actually a 1920 x 1080), else its would make the same problem. If I use anything else as ‘select from screen’ the screen won’t resize but my click won’t be at the right place