Resolution at 100% aspect and its cliping text

which studiox version are you running?

UiPath Studio Pro 2020 6.0-beta.93 Community Exe installer update channel stable

I’ve been on my razer blade stealth 13 inch with a 3200 x 1800 display. Might be why what aspect ratio do you recommend? I use a desktop Icon position saver so if I have to down size my resolution its no sweat off my back. hahaha

Also a fun little tid bit I bought Microsoft Pro directly from Mircosoft. I had it set to 100% sizing but everything looks real small unless i tweak it(text size) with regedit standalones. I got by but now I have medium icons and 125% sizing zoom. The icon location saver is called DesktopOK and is really neat and keep programs in order if you didnt know check it out. but I am not sure which verison is better since changing the zoom from 100 to 125 to 200 even in windows control panel doesnt help the clipping and niether does the ui paths programs zoom feat. idk…

Problem persists in both studiox and studio pro

I changed to 200% aspect and text size 8 pix on windows 10. That seemed to do the trick but I’m still very lost as to how to make a sortable email guestbooklet that extracts text from a textbox only when then button is clicked then from a database like sql server or mysql. I’m using google cloud and can’t find a straight answer besides google vision api but I’m not quite sure what it is. It’s just an ai viewer. Then how do I hook to studio x ? (I also switched back to studio x from pro)