Resetting Password For Default And Other Tenants For 2021

How to reset the password for the Default and other Tenants on Orchestrator 2021.10 and above as the Data Schema has changed to no longer include identity. tenant?

The 2021.10 Data Schema has changed to no longer include identity.tenant table. Therefore, the password reset instructions have been updated.

See below: To update the Host Admins see Installation And Upgrade - Creating A New System Administrator. Use an existing username it will update the password for that user.

For admins on the Default (& other custom tenants) see the following,

UPDATE [identity].[AspNetUsers]

Set PasswordHash='AK3FINpqU/VzL+c+VL8mbk9wH35Y22bnTnGlLcAq8KKNqj2pN+3bv0+V0qoSKLIANg==',

IsFirstLogin = 1

where UserName='admin' and id=(select [key] from dbo.users where UserName='admin' and TenantId= {tenantId})

Password will be reset to 3edcVFR$ and prompted to change it after the first login.

Note: In order to change the password for admin user of a specific tenant, specify the TenantId of that specific tenant in the query above. To be able to see the related tenant id for each tenant present, check in the tenants table (select * from dbo.Tenants)

Note: This approach is not recommended since any wrong changes in the database would pull the entire Orchestrator website down. Make sure to give the correct hash value and in correct field.

Also, this approach may work or may not as HASH key value depends on the encryption & decryption key.