Reset Clipping region not working in For Each Loop

Hi Gurus,

I am trying to create a workflow where it loops for multiple pdfs and fetch a PO ID based on Scrape Relative. It works fine for the first PDF but when it moves to the second pdf the data is loaded from the first pdf for PO ID. My Read text for the PDF is able to generate the correctly other data without any hassels but I am having issues when trying to generate the PO ID. Attached is the xaml file for the same. Also attached is the sample file for the same.

Any help is appreciated.


EXL219007-01…02.pdf (282.0 KB) EXM119011-01…02.pdf (282.4 KB)

Read_PDF_Data_OCR_AD.xaml (57.3 KB)

There are two ways to make it work.

  1. Update the selector to make it work for multiple PDFs.
    In the selector, set the title to dynamic. Set the title to the PDF file name.

  2. Once you extracted the data from the file1, close the file1 and then open the file2. At a time only one PDF file should be open.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi Karthik,

Thanks a lot for the response but as you might have seen my PDFs have multiple pages, if I close the PDF then I might have to traverse to the page. Is there an easier way of doing it.

If needed, I can attach my xaml file for reference.

Thanks in advance.

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