Reset account, start over because I think it is messed up

I suspect I have messed up my account and would like to start over. It boils down to I don’t understand the steps in setting up this community-account I’m running. I created robots, machines, users, roles, tried connecting them and got totally lost. Now I can’t delete things (robots) because apparently jobs (that nowhere can be found) are pending and so on.

Furthermore, Studio says, “Robot error” (unable to obtain license). Although there are several detailed UiPath walkthroughs I’m very much stuck.

Anyone who can help me reset my account?

Hi @HenrikCarlsen ,

You could try to disconnect (press the “Quit” button) the UiPath Assistant from Orchestrator


You could just delete the existing tenant and create a fresh one in Automation Cloud (UiPath Apps)

I’m not aware of the existence of a “reset” button…

Best regards,

Hi Marius. Thank you for the suggestions. In a production environment a “Reset”-button would be rather dangerous… I restarted my PC and Studio began working again, although with status “Orchestrator not connected”.

I will try to rid my tenant and hope it takes all the other stuff I have made, with it.