Reserved Characters for Selectors

Hi! I have a click activity whose selector contains an embedded variable. The format for the selector is:

“<webctrl aaname='” + myStringVariable + “’ tag=‘INPUT’ />”

where the value of myStringVariable is not known in advance. I have noticed that the selector can break depending on the characters in myStringVariable. For example, if myStringVariable = “AD&D”, the selector breaks due to “&” being a reserved character.

Is there somewhere I can see a list of all reserved characters for selectors and their respective escape sequences? Also, is the following assign activity the best way to circumvent this problem?

myStringVariable = myStringVariable.Replace(reservedCharacter, escapeSequence)


myStringVariable = myStringVariable.Replace(“&”, “&amp;”)?

Thanks in advance!

Hope this helps


That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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