Require help in finding regex value

Hi all ,
So I have a scenario in that I need to find out whether previous value present in pdf against Business title . So In my pdf values will be like this aa mentioned below and i need to find any value present previous value then i need extract the value and save it . Now question is how to use regrex logic to check whether value present against Business Title ?? Kindly help me

                      Current value               Previous value

BusinessTitle Junior Engg seniorengineer


Hi @Krishnakumar_Vasudevan ,

Maybe with a Combination of String Empty checks we can do like below :



@supermanPunch hi thanks for providing me solution . But I Need to extract only previous value not current value . Do you have any idea extract only previous without taking current value .

                        Current                                      Previous 

Business Title J.enng. Asst eng

@Krishnakumar_Vasudevan ,

Maybe we are not able to interpret the Input data representation correctly.

Is the text exactly in the same manner as provided ? We would need to understand the difference between Current and Previous values, How are they identified separately ?

I want only regex logic of Senior system engineer (Previous value ).

Current Previous
Business Title System engineer Senior system Engineer

Hi @Krishnakumar_Vasudevan

Please try this regex and let me know:

For Previous:

For Current: