Requesting UiPath Unattended Automation Ideas for Bank

Hi everyone,

I work on an RPA team for bank and we have implemented many successful unattended automations for stakeholders over the past several years using products that only support unattended automations.

We recently purchased UiPath so we can expand and develop attended automations for our stakeholders. We are training developers in UiPath, but we are looking for automation ideas. In particular, we are interested in real life examples of attended UiPath automations that have been built, particularly for a bank or another financial institution. This would help us seek opportunities out. If anyone has any presentations they can share (e.g. PointPoint slides, videos) that show this from the user’s perspective, it would be greatly appreciated. To respect confidentiality of each organization that uses an automation demo you send, you can black out confidential information or just give us a mock version.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi @Joseph_M_Procaccini

you will be able to find good use case related to banking here Use Cases Repository - UiPath Community Forum

Hope this is helpful

Thank you, @AdityaVN. This is very helpful.