Request urgent help - Attribute not supported by the current Uinode

Hi Team,
I have an issue in data scraping in oracle forms application. When i click 1st row and last row of the column its giving me the below issue.

Hi Rangarajan ,

Oracle forms runs Java Applet as their source , it is not a normal IE page.

I suggest enabling Java Extensions which might help.

@Palaniyappan @ClaytonM @PrankurJoshi @sarathi125 - Guys any idea on this please?

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Data Scrapping is not supported in Java application, though we have installed java extension
kindly try with screen scrapping method which does the same

Cheers @Rangarajan


Screen Scraping might not work as data that needs to be scrapped is spanning . Like you will have to scroll down. It is a data grid.

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then we can try with FIND ALL CHILDREN activity if its like scrolling the page

Cheers @AdityaShivam @Rangarajan


Hi there
Where to install this package and how to install?

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Go to Tools page in Uipath studio and install java extension and then restart both applications and then try once.