Request Credentialアクティビティを使ってサイトにログインしたい

Request Credentialアクティビティを使って某サイトにログインしたいと考え、WFを作成中です。

New System.Net.NetworkCredential(“”,ログイン名).SecurePassword



In this System.Net.NetworkCredential first one is username and second is the pssword field…

.password will give pssword as string
.securepassword will give password as securestring

And to type the secure string we need to use secure type into activity


Hope this helps


New System.Net.NetworkCredential(ログイン名,セキュアパスワード).SecurePassword


password as securestring - New System.Net.NetworkCredential(Username,password).SecurePassword

Password as string - New System.Net.NetworkCredential(Username,password).Password

Username as string - New System.Net.NetworkCredential(Username,password).Username


Hi, After executining workflow,
I noted Windows Security screen appears as attached pictures.
Are there any means to remove this screen?
Or is is mandatory to see this when I use request credential activity?


password as securestring - New System.Net.NetworkCredential(Username,password).SecurePassword

Hi , your suggested password is string variable.
Should I assign value to this password in another place or should I directry write password in it?


You shoudl directly write password value there as string…

And you are getting prompt…give the values there and from
Next time it wont come again…it will store the credentials and use them

If you have already credentials stored in windows credential manager and if youa re using the amae name then this pop up would not come


Unfortunately, you are telling lie…
Microsft security windows appears repeatingly(persistently) despite I input correct login name and password.
Do you have any suggestion?


May I know what activity are you using?

Are you getting it while logging into some website?

Then your admin should enable sso in browser

If you are retrieving then make sure you save the creds in windows credential manager

If you are trying to login to a site with sso enabled then you will get it everytime unless you enable sso in browser

Configure SAML single sign-on for ChromeOS devices - Chrome Enterprise and Education Help.



Request Credential アクティビティは、OSの資格情報ストアにユーザーから入力した認証情報を記録させるものなので、このアクティビティで直接対象システムへのログインに使用する認証情報を取得することはできません

Get Secure Credential アクティビティを使うことになります

New System.Net.NetworkCredential(String.Empty,“パスワード”).SecurePassword