Reporting Bug Regarding Organization Units related Robots

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Reporting Bug Regarding Organization Units related Robots
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Situation : Enable Organization Units in Orchestrator and assume when we have multiple organization unit,
When we wanna check the relevant license utilization (see more)

of cause its shows the relevant license that utilize as users

Problem : when this license utilize with different organization unit , then admin cannot manage it easily , assume admin wanna connect that one robot and if we have 20 Units so the relevant admin has to go through the multiple units to check where is the unit that relevant robot connect has connected and disconnect

Suggesting solution : its should be shown in orchestrator which Organization Unit that relevant Studio/Robot has connected

19.4.4 Enterprise License

This is solved if you’re using Modern robots in 19.10+


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No any luck for 19.4?

Because its take more much time to upgrade to next , we are planning but have to wait