Report was uploaded - confirmation id is *nil*

Hello everyone, I’m struggling with upload_ID value.
Sometimes upload_ID is visible within message box, sometimes not. Anyone have clue what is happening?
Thanks in advance.
Screenshot :

May I know at which activity you get this error
Cheers @bp777

Share a brief about the issue. @bp777

Thanks @Palaniyappan

Can I have a view on it with a screenshot if possible
Cheers @bp777

Of course,
Browser : Internet Explorer

Kindly reset the data and try once

Alright, since I had two different Message Box (Internet Explorer bug) showing two different messages:

  1. "Report was uploaded - confirmations id is - "
  2. “Report was uploaded - confirmation id is - full id”,
    I needed to take few IF-ELSE activities which clicks a particular OK button depending on the type of Message Box (without full id OR with full id).
    Seems like this was the only possible solution for the issue, since Internet Explorer behaves really weird sometimes.
    Hope this will help someone.

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