Report on RPA Developer Collaborator Role in Automation Hub

Hi All,

We are currently working on some new reporting out of Insights which will enable us to track our RPA developers on the projects they are assigned to etc. We have gone through and added each developer as a collaborator under the ‘RPA Developer’ role for each idea they are working on.
It doesn’t seem possible on insights to report on that collaborator role, so we thought an alternative may be adding tags, but we can’t figure that out either.

So 2 questions here:

  1. Is it possible to report on the RPA Developer Collaborator role in insights? If so, how?
  2. How do we add/view tags to Automation Ideas? I can’t see anything in the UI for tags at all and when I add them via the API I get a successful response but can’t see them either (including going into the dev tools on my browser and searching for hidden elements etc.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


As of now tags are supported only to these objects in UiPath

With this I believe your second option is ruled out

And for first may be colloborator is exposed…I dont have access to insights as of now …please check the below


I ended up figuring out how to (sort of) do this.
You can add a flag via an API call to a specific idea, so I went through every idea in progress and added a tag with the dev’s name. It then allowed me to access the tag value inside insights, so I could produce what I needed.
Is it a great solution? no. Does it do the job, yes.

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