Report generation using Uipath

Can anyone tell how to generate report using pdf bills and send the mail.

Can you please describe in brief about your scenario ?

Brief Description:

  1. First the number of bills in PDF format should be extracted and converted into excel file
  2. The excel file should be seggregated based on different products
  3. These seggregated excel sheets should be mailed to a mail id.

@NiranjanKN - Please use following step to generate report

  1. Use pdf activity to extract data from pdf and copy extracted data to excel file
  2. Use excel activities to process excel file.
  3. To send email you can either use SMTP/Outlook email activities.

Hi @NiranjanKN
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For this we can either use Read PDF text Activity or Read pdf ocr text Activity and get the output as a string
–use a generate datatable Activity and pass the above obtained output variable as input and get the output from tgis generate datatable activity with a variable of type datatable named outdt

Use Excel application scope and pass the input as file path of the excel
–use write range activity and pass the input as outdt the variable that we obtained from generate datatable Activity and mention the sheet name with the product name you want
Then you can use send outlook mail activity or send exchange Mail Activity to send that as mail by passing the file path of the excel to tye attach file property in those send mail Activities

Kindly try this and let know buddy
Hope this would help you
Cheers @NiranjanKN

Hello @Palaniyappan
Thank you.
Can you please send me an .xaml file to extract data from pdf and store into excel file and seggregated according to different products.

Hello @sandipauti
I’m getting an incorrect address or SOAP action error. What can be done.

@NiranjanKN - Where you get this error? I mean in which activity ?

@NiranjanKN please show us a screenshot, thanks.

@Palaniyappan @sandipauti @rmunro
Hey guys,
I need to extract data from both these pdf files Bazaar Invoice.pdf (230.4 KB) Bazaar Invoice1.pdf (230.1 KB) and store the entire data into this mentoned Excel file with the same data extracted from these files.Report Excel.xlsx (8.1 KB).
Please can anyone create a .xaml file and reply back.
Thank you.

@NiranjanKN - Can you please attach your workflow, from which you getting error ?

Main (1).xaml (10.0 KB)

Try this, it’s a little different method.