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I have a stream that goes to a government website to download monthly documents and I need to generate in excel report containing the file name in one column and in the other the date and time it was downloaded. if it has not been downloaded write on the linecorresponding to the file a warning that was not downloaded.

I already researched and found nothing that could indicate a solution. Can someone help me.
Teste (1.4 MB)



If you are able to get list of files to be downloaded, then it will be simple, after you download files, just create a list of file ( list of FileInfo ) then for each file name just get proper properties from that object like LastWriteTime to get latest modificaton date. But if you are checking if file was downloaded, then you could just check if the filename exists in the directory.

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hi @rado

Thanks. I understand your logic just don’t understand what (FileInfo list) I will research about. I have a data scraper that extracts a table with the files to be download files, I believe this is useful, I will search to find out how lol

I recorded data scraping in Excel and generated the name of the files in the folder. How do I compare the excel column with the file name and tell the date and time downloaded.

As shown in the picture 2 the filename indicates line index (count)


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What i meant is that you have to create a FIleInfo object of the file, because this object has LastModificationTime properties. So you can do like that:

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Hello @rado
thank you very much, understood what was proposed and was able to run

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